Hey, my name is Monika. I live in Prague, Czech Republic.
I work as a curator in the Prague City Gallery .
Here I exhibit sceneries, stuff and people that catch my eyes.

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Our Start up 3 book entered the official selection for The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2013 award!

I have never been so lucky! Today is a premiere of the first ever music video from DropxLife, part of XO, the creative collective behind The Weeknd, which I collaborated on. You can watch this video online on VICE´s music channel Noisey or offline at my exhibition Alone in Babylon in Prague. xoxoxo 

Yeah!! Just launched my new exhibition!

Alone in Babylon / Klára Vystrčilová
25/04 - 25/05, 2014 Prague City Gallery
Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace
, Karlova Street 189/2, Prague 1
curated by myself

curator of the supplementary exhibition: Nik Timková
guest: Pål Rodenius
graphic design: Zdeněk Kvasnica
open party: Gothic Disneyland
photo: Tomáš Souček

There have been debates going on for the past several years about the issue whether fashion should be considered as art. Fashion design is often blamed for its hypocrisy for the fact that the clothing results or fashion creations cause unification, which suppresses the originality of an individual. On the other hand, fashion is considered as some kind of a statement carried on ones own body. We are probably addressing this issue here due to the fact that the space of the Start up project in the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace will be occupied by vests with embroidery and a video clip containing these vests by Klára Vystrčilová, instead of paintings or sculpture.

Klára started using the embroidery technique on canvas instead of the strokes of a brush. In 2012/2013 the artist produced a compact series called Black Lights which got her in the finals of the Critique Award for Young Paintings. In the summer of 2013 Klára went through a transformation in her working process a shift from embroidery on canvas to embroidery on vests and jackets. Actually, she has been pursuing design and sewing of complicated patterns in her free time since secondary school.

The initial source of inspiration for her was the modernization of the tradition of hand embroidery from her native Slovak region and the work of fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen. From the perspective of a story the embroideries represent parables about intimacy of today, interpersonal relations, gays and lesbians, and the final piece of clothing closely resembles the lavishly decorated liturgical vestments. The front part of the dress symbolizes the ostentation and greatness of faith, the embroidery on the back side represents loyalty and the attempt to come close to a person through the depiction of human figures,Klára describes her work.

An important part of the installation Alone in Babylon is the arousing, sensualizing and mysteriously exciting video clip for the American musician DropXLife, the producer of the project The Weekend, where female innocence and erotic fantasies are encountered on the base of Kláras vests.

Klára Vystrčilová (born 1990 in Uherské Hradiště) is a fifth year student in the Painting Studio of Vladimír Skrepl at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

I decided to address Nik Timkova (born in 1986 in Košice), who is engaged in contemporary art in various forms, to be the curator of the supplementary exhibition. She is linked to Prague primarily through her cooperation with A.M.180 collective, or the festival Creepy Teepee for which she is creating the visual in cooperation with Jakub Hošek (under the project Gothic Disneyland).

She graduated from the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London in 2011, and currently she is working on her post gradual studies at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Nik works with objects, collages, installations, and collaborative creation with intermediary nuance, and in her theoretical research and in the curator project Cut Club# (* 2013) she works with the overlapping between contemporary art and clothing. Due to this thematic affinity of both artists (interest in the object of clothing), Nik was invited to a curator dialogue with Klara. Swedish furniture designer Pål Rodenius is a guest of a part of the exhibition led by Nik Timkova which is situated in the middle room. He and Nik created a site-specific installation for Start up.

This is a first presentation of the artists within the scope of the exhibition Alone in Babylon in an environment of a public service institution in the Czech Republic. 

Monika Doležalová

Hey, you should come to the opening of the exhibition Alone in Babylon today at 6 p.m. Curated by myself.

Hey, you should come to the opening of the exhibition Alone in Babylon today at 6 p.m. Curated by myself.

I asked to Michel Thévoz to guide me through Art Brut. It ended up with the interview for Okolo magazine with ilustrations by Tereza Damcova. I’m veeeeeeeeeeeeeery happy.

Come to a launch of a new issue of OKOLO magazine tomorrow from 6.30 in the Salone Internazionale del Mobile! I interviewed a fantastic man, Michel Thévoz, co-founder of The Collection de´l Art Brut in Lausanne.

Tim Burton took me on the private tour of his Prague´s exhibition. Read more at vice.com.

Enjoy this very impressive video about Jakub Jansa who I now present at Start up project.


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